World Cup 2008

ISSF World Cup 2008 in Shotgun Events (trap, double trap, skeet) took place at the Olympic Shooting Range BG Sport Centre Kovilovo in Belgrade from June 14 to 22, 2008.

Many of the shooters used this Cup as the opportunity for final preparations for the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 and it will be remembered not only by the participation of the best shooters of the world, but by the record number of the participating countries (67) as well, where 390 athletes fought for the best shooter title. The Grand Prix for teams was organized as well.

The World Cup was opened by Technical Delegate, Mr. Demetris Lordos from Cyprus, who was the representative of the ISSF. The Opening Ceremony was very festive, with diverse local music and dances, ending with the spectacular fireworks and the bad weather conditions could not spoil this event.

During the competition, under guidance of the international Jury and referees,  sport spirit and quality were shown by the participants both in qualifications and final rounds, and shoot-offs were frequently conducted  for entering the finals and during the medal contest as well.

In double trap events, Ronjan Sodhi equaled two world records dated from 1998.

Anti Doping Agency of Serbia successfully undertook the doping control activities during this World Cup.

The best shooters had the opportunity to test and value the new ecological flash targets that would be used during the Olympic Games Beijing 2008 (filled with green powder).

The very good organization and condition of the competition were prized by all of the participants of the World Cup 2008 and the Technical Delegate recommended the Organizing Committee for the ISSF awards.

The successful organization was supported by the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Toyota Serbia, BG Sport Centre Kovilovo and SOS sport TV channel that covered all the events during the World Cup.



56 of the best shooters of the world from 21 countries competed on one of the best shooting ranges in the world, in BG Sport Centre Kovilovo. All of the participants praised the technical capacities of the shooting range and were more then pleased with the additional services offered: hotel, restaurants and sports facilities. All the conditions as per ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) rules were met and ISSF commended the organization of this competition.
Russian competitor, Ms. Erdzhanik AVETISYAN achieved the new European final record for women in Skeet event, with 98 targets. The best team was the Italian team with the total of 4 medals (two gold and two silver), followed by the Russian team with 4 medals as well (one gold and three bronze)….

Here is the results table:





Trap Women


DEL DIN Daniela (SMR)

LIU Yingzi (CHN)

Skeet Women



DEMINA Svetlana (RUS)

Trap Men

FRASCA Erminio (ITA)

MOLA Massimiliano (ITA)


Skeet Men




Double Trap Men

ELLER Walton (USA)

HU Binyan (CHN)











03th  – 08th October 2006, BELGRADE, SERBIA

GP Belgrade, competition that has already become traditional as the season is coming to an end in October, proved its importance this year as well. 80 competitors from 9 countries took part in all three clay target events – skeet, trap and double trap, from October 03 to October 08, 2006.

Rafaelo di Kastanco from Italy took the first place in Trap, with 132 targets, while our shooter, Dejan Mihajlovic was the sixth with 125 targets. Vitareli Fulvio from Italy won the first place in Skeet with 138 targets, and Bognar Rihard from Hungary was the best in Double trap with 182 targets. ITALY 1 was the best in team competition with 320 targets, our team PARTIZAN (Sotra Milan, Mihajlovic Dejan and Sotra Predrag) was the second with 308 targets and ZG-VG team from Croatia with 302 targets took the third place.

On this occasion the President of Clay Target Shooting Federation of Serbia, Mr. Milan Sotra, awarded the special prize - a golden cup - to Mr. Dzevad Haznadar of BIH, for 50 years of successful competitive shooting, as Mr. Sotra and Mr. Haznadar started their shooting careers together.

Grand Prix

Grand Prix Beograd

It is important to lay emphasis on participation of Italian shooters. Mr. Mario Magnanini, Italian Federation delegate, asserted that the Italian shooters were impressed by this beautiful and top quality shooting range, that offered to them the best equipment and most comfortable competition settings. It is also well to know that this was the opinion of the Italian shooting elite, those that were not participating in this year’s World Cup Finals, but representing the second best Italian team.  We might have the opportunity to see some of them in the next year’s prestigious competition, as our Federation will be the host of the World Cup Finals in 2007.

The competitors were delighted with the various and plentiful prizes given to the shooters that were placed from the 1st to 10th place. The farewell was warm and the competitors left with a ”big thank you and until we meet again”.

Detailed information on results could be found at the Clay Target Federation of Serbia web site




Trap & Skit
25th – 30th April 2006, BELGRADE, SERBIA & MONTENEGRO

International Grad Prix » ESC & EUROPEAN SHOTGUN CUP TOURNAMENT « (European Cup), listed in ECS (European Shooting Confederation) schedule for Trap and Skeet events for men and women, took place from April 25 to 30, 2006.

A number of shooters attended this Grand Prix event. The best among them received the Cups, and the results could be viewed at the , the web site of Clay Target Shooting Federation of Serbia and Montenegro.


25m/ 50m/ 300m/ RT/ Shotgun
Men, Women, Junior Men, Junior Women
2 - 15 July 2005, Belgrade

BG Sports Centre Kovilovo, Belgrade was the host of the European Championships from July 02 to July 15, 2005 for the 25m/50m/300m/RT/Shotgun Men, Women, Junior Men and Junior Women in all the shooting events. The 20th General Assembly of ESC was held at the beginning of the European Championships where ESC bodies and committees were elected for the next four years.

45 countries and 974 competitors with 1351 entries took part in the European Championships. Exceptional quality of the shooting range, being amongst the best in the world, were the basis of breaking many of the European and World records, that are enlisted in the European Shooting Confederation and International Shooting Sport Federation register,

New records:
18 European records ( 7 team and 11 individual)
9 World records ( 6 team and 3 individual)

Records equaled:
3 European records (1 team and 2 individual)
2 World records ( 1 team and 1 individual)


Trap-Skeet (Men/Women) - Double Trap (Men)
Grand Prix Double Trap Women
14 - 21 July 2005, Belgrade

World Cup 2005

World Cup 2005 for the clay targets events Trap-Skeet (Men/Women); Double Trap (Men), Grand Prix Double Trap Women took place from 14 to 21 July 2005 at the Shooting range of Bg Sports Center Kovilovo in Belgrade.

The turnout was even better then expected - 49 participating countries and 310 competitors. The shooters expressed their satisfaction with the conditions offered by those shooting ranges, which is evidenced by the topmost results and world records. The ISSF rewarded Mr. Milan Sotra, The President of the Organizing Committee, for the achievements in organization of the World Cup.


World shooters elite and the best shooting grounds made it available to get one new and to equal five world records.

Filipovic Mario (SVK) and Nunez Mario (ESP) achieved the qualifying results to compete in 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.