Training Camps


January 11, 2012 – "Eagles" beat the Czech Republic!

Wednesday - 11.01.2012 Serbian handball team beat Czech Republic 31-23 (13:14) in preparation for the European Championship, which will be held on the second half of January in the country. Czechs to 20 closed-minute match in Kovilovo were convincing, they took with 5:12, and then she started playing the right coach Veselin Vukovic chosen. At half time the visitors had only a goal advantage, that at age 32 Serbian first minute lead by the end of the game, only increased its advantage. After solid games against Macedonia, this was slightly better edition of Serbian national team.

Selector Vukovic rested Stanic, Cutura and Ilic, while everything in our camp encouraged the return of Nikola Manojlovic. Already tonight, these same rivals will meet again in the "Pioneer" (18 hours), and the entrance to the Serbian national team dress rehearsal before the European Handball Championship is free.

January 09, 2012 – Kovilovo: Petar Nenadic: "The pressure into the positive energy"

At a press conference visited the basis of our representation in Kovilovo, said the coach Veselin Vukovic, and, the players, Dalibor Cutura and Petar Nenadic. Selector at the beginning of the program presented to the opening against the Poland, on Sunday 15th January: - I am glad that the "seventh force" came in such great numbers. I do not know whether the reason for approaching the EP and we played better last night.

Whatever the reason, I want to congratulate you on holidays, I congratulate you, thank you for the great response and look what I wanted from day one support. There will be time for criticism. - Today we will practice twice. On Tuesday afternoon we play the game with the Czechs closed, where will be three or four players free of obligations, but warm up and stretching. At this point it should be Ilic, Cutura, we will see Nikcevic. We will give a chance Manojlovic, to see how in real life can help us. There is also Milic, because it is close to the injury rehabilitation. On Wednesday we have the training to the pioneer of 10 to 11, and 18 hours of play with the Czechs.

December 26, 2011 – Serbia women's basketball team in Kovilovo

Top Serbian basketball players gathered in Kovilovo where to 29 December to training. Women's basketball team will play Serbia revue match on Wednesday in the hall "Eco-Sport" in 20 hours with his national team and the First Regional "A" women's league in the Memorial, "Gordana Kovačević Bogojević". Serbian national team selector, Marina Maljkovic, expressed satisfaction with working conditions in Kovilovo: "We have everything we need to fulfill our goals. The accommodation is excellent, we need peace and a great hall for training." Gathering in Kovilovo will be a dress rehearsal before the official start of preparations for qualifying for the European championship, in the spring of next year: "We have much to do for those four days. At one training session we will try to sublimate, what will they begin preparation work for several days. We will try to do in a short time more, the better you know and agree, to make everything work qualifications in order to be crowned with success, placing the French championship in 2013. "said Marina Maljkovic.