Top quality shooting range in the world!

Shooting sport is the main activity of BG Sport Centre Kovilovo. This complex, ranked as one of the best in the whole world, consists of 6 shooting ranges for Skeet, Trap and Double Trap events and of one sporting compact shooting range specially designed for huntsmen. Up to date boxes for dogs are also available, thus presenting additional advantage for the hunting sport.

All shooting ranges are equipped with Mattarelii machines and El fipa electronic devices, appliances and displays that record results. All shooting ranges are strictly oriented to the north. The most popular ammunition brands, like Baschieri & Pellagri, RC and Fiocchi, are to be obtained and bought at the ammunition store located at the shooting range. Nasta Orange Targets are used for the competition and Nasta Flash Targets for the finals. This complex also consists of stands for the spectators and competitors and covered shelters for the competitors' arms and gear. This shooting range has become one of official training centers for this sport, thanks to the technical equipment, possibilities to prepare for the competition and comfort offered to the shooters. Top quality shooting range and luxurious Hotel President (17 rooms and 10 suites) make it possible to find everything at the same location. The afore mentioned shooting and accommodation facilities, as well as the open swimming pool, fitness centre, saunas, gym, relaxation massage, Jacuzzi, opened and indoor sports courts are ideal for team preparation.

Every year,  BG Sports center Kovilovo, Belgrade is hosting 2 International Grand Prix, that are enlisted in ISSF Calendar, one of them being the European Cup and the other is GP Belgrade. Customs procedures for importing arms into Serbia is uncomplicated and easy (forms are available at ).

The School for Shooters is planned for the beginners and those wanting to try their luck in shooting clay targets. There is no need to have all the equipment, as everything could be found at the store for sport and hunting gear; shotgun (could be rented), ammunition, clay targets… prices are favorably. Make yourself a treat and come and practice at the best shooting grounds in the whole world and enjoy in nature's beauty and other facilities of this multifunctional complex.